Mountains of Cable- What to do with it?

Discussion in 'Accessories / Connections' started by sjb111ca, Jan 16, 2011.

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    After many years recording 100's of great bands, film scores, etc we finally decided to pull the plug and take the studio apart. The gear and mics will all go problem, but what to do or how to sell all the Mogami cable with Edak and XLR, 1/4" ends is my quandry. There is a lot of cable and it is all in great condition....could have bought a new car with what I have into it, now that I see it all out on the floor to catalogue.

    Any suggestions where and how to sell all this great cable?
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    The ends aren't really a problem as someone else can easily trim off unwanted connectors. I have bought bulk Mogami cable off ebait many times so that is an option though probably not the best for the seller wanting to get top dollar. Depending on your energy level and how many pair in the cable, you could break it up into 10' 20' sections and make snakes out of them. They seem to sell well on ebait. You try Craigslist.

    How much cable do you have and how many pair in each?

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