Moving from PC to a Mac... what hardware requirements?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by FretShock, Nov 20, 2005.

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    Hello all.

    I've been dabbling in a bit of pc recording with Sonar and am currently of thinking of upgrading my pc and going with a Mac instead. I've put off moving to a mac for years because I've invested $$$'s in Windows software, but now I'm ready to make the big jump.

    What would you recommend as an interface for getting my guitar (preferably from a mic'd amp) into the Mac? My old system was a bit cheesy, guitar into Boss GT-8 -> spdif In on Soundblaster Audigy. I liked the simplicity of using the GT-8 straight in as I am able to get the fx input in stereo as well as there was no latency problems, but with the Mac I'd like to 'grow up' a bit with the system.

    What software would you recommend which is comparable in ease of use as Cakewalk/Sonar as well as what interface should I use. (Mbox/Tascam US-122) etc?

    Is there anything else I need to consider?

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    Sep 19, 2003
    What is your budget?

    A dual G5 with a single drive and 4 memory slots, second hand, will have plenty cheap upgrade potential and you can use your existing monitor.

    Pro Tools will be an all-in-one and if you only plan to use 2 channels, start with that and the MBox. Then all you need is a mic. Start with an SM57. Cheap and will last forever.

    However whatever you upgrade to in the future, you're gonna kiss that ProTools money goodbye. You might get $100 in a tradein from a dealer.

    If you plan to move to semipro and then pro, the more you spend, the better you are gonna find the future. If so you have a choice of software. Cubase is great for audio, Logic if you use a lot of MIDI.

    All you need is A/Ds and preamps to start, get a box like the RME Fireface or a Lynx unit. That'll give you some adequate pres and A/D conversion.

    But you are already looking at maybe $400 on the software, $1200 on the box. I am assuming you are in the US.

    Thats a starting point.


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