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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by inferno, Dec 1, 2007.

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    Im moving to Atlanta, Georgia soon with my parents who are going over on a business visa (buying a roofing business). I actually want to start my own business; a music production company but Im not sure how to register it legally etc. so its all official.

    do i have to be a US citizen/have a US bank account/social security number to start and register my own business there?

    if so am i better off registering it in the UK?

    the structure is just me- and the artists I work with, who will be in both england and america. is best to register as an LLC, sole propeiter or to incorporate?

    how will i get a social security number and tax i.d. and will ineed these?

    I may not make anything in the first few years as it is a long term plan and being run from home in my spare time

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    I am sure your parents are facing the same questions why not go with them when they go to set up their business in the US?

    There are lots of legal questions and every state and municipality has their own set of rules for setting up a business so you will have to comply with not only the immigration department's rules but also with the laws of the city you are in as well as the state.

    As to getting all the documents I am sure that your parents have to go to see a lawyer so why not tag along and ask your questions at the same time?

    Hope this works out for you!
  3. Get a lawyer, there are ones who specialize in this. Especially if you are going to be doing business in both countries.

    You're going to need a lawyer and a CPA for tax reasons. You have to understand the complexity of doing business in the USA. Even more so if it's international.

    Welcome to the USA!!!! It truly is the land of opportunity if you want to work hard. Become a citizen and enjoy all this country has to offer, although not all of it is good, it is better than most and it sure is BIG. You can go anywhere you want to.
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    Jul 21, 2006
    Don't be too hasty.
    Get the visa thing straightend out first. You would think it should be a simple thing, But Visa's these days carry a lot of conditions. So don't jump too far in front of the cart.
    You can do plenty of work as a hobby in the beginning and you won't have to worry too much about Uncle Sam breathing down your neck. Before hiring a lawyer, CPA, and all that, you'll have plenty of time to research your situation on the internet for free.
    As mentioned above, let your parents do the dirty work. Follow along, and use them as a model. It might take a year or two to see how well that model works out. By then you'll be ready to come out of hobby status and you'll be able to avoid any problems that your parents had.
    If you document your experiences well, there might be a book deal in your future to help others.
    Oh- and welcome aboard.
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    I'm just taking an educated guess but two resources you may want to tap as well as what's already been mentioned are your Embassy and the U.S. Small Business Administration and it's equivalent if any in your country.

    Good luck with it! And welcome to the country!


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