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    With Cubase/Wavelab, I wish to take my WAV file songs and make an MP3 version that I can load on my web site and send via email. I do not care about download times or file sizes. I only care about sound quality being as close to CD as possible. Can any of you obsessive pros (that have done the testing) comment on what the highest MP3 bit rate should be (without going to the point where the human ear or average high-end MP3 player cannot hear the difference)? 96? 112? 128? 160? 192? 224? 256? 320?
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    Dec 11, 2007
    Scotland, UK
    What output device?

    If I plug my HD280s into my mp3 player I can tell the difference, but if I'm using regular earphones, I can't tell 14KHz from passing buses.

    Mine is all 128kbps and still sounds acceptable. No obvious artefacts anyway.
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    "I only care about sound quality being as close to CD as possible."

    Upload WAVs then...

    I use 128k for sharing my stuff online because that's the best trade off for size and quality.

    If you can, use 256 or even 320. Just understand that it depends on the player and the system a lot more than the bit rate of the Empty3.
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    Dec 24, 2008
    lmao! I own a pair of 280's too, and love'em, but well...that 14KHz from buses just killed me!

    Thanks Codemonkey!

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