MPC1000 new upgrade coming or just a rumor?

Discussion in 'Synths / Samplers & VSTi' started by tofumusic, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. tofumusic

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    Okay I heard a rumor from a sales guy, (I think it's a rumor anyway) when I was trying to decide between the MPC1000 or coughing up the extra $ for the 2000XL. He told me about 3 months ago that there would be a new OS (version 1.08 I think) coming out that would make the MPC1000 just as good, or better than the MPC2000xl (with the same features or features even better!) coming out soon. I've been checking the akaipro website for the update ever since purchasing the MPC1000, but haven't seen anything yet. Asked around and no one I know knows anything about it. Anyone know anything about this? Hopefully I wasn't mislead, this would be a great update to the 1000...
  2. GCPA845

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    According to what I heard, there is a new version of the 1000 coming out. It's supposed to have an optional hard drive for it. I saw it in the '06 brochure for Akai at Guitar Center in Richmond VA right before Christmas.
  3. tofumusic

    tofumusic Guest

    ...I found out there's some time stretch and other things being added to the new OS expected to be here Jan. 16 .. Will keep fingers crossed.. hehe

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