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    Aug 18, 2009
    Based in Leamington, Ontario, Canada FULLY MOBI
    Home Page:
    I am dedicated to making audio recording affordable for our talent and businesses. Whether be music or voice, Songs or radio ads. or industry promo. etc.
    My full production,
    professional services are available at your location.
    Be it in an office, your backyard or a professional venue.
    Demo's to full production albums or radio ads.
    24 channels live. 133+ DAW
    Pristine system. compact and operated by a 30 yr veteran of live audio production/musician.

    The limit of my recording capabilities are endless.
    Inquire about your recording project or idea, I'm sure it's possible if you can think it; I can record it.

    I have 1 rate for 1-9 hrs at your chosen location. Giving you a RAW mixed and leveled mp3 format high quality compact audio disc.

    I have a very low $40.00 / hr sweetening / mastering rate.
    Charged and due when notification of completion is received.
    ( within 2 weeks )
    Your product will be overnight shipped to your mailing address.

    I will also record and supply you with your own wav files for your own mastering house of your choice.
    This is either direct to your own hard drive. ( min. 7200 RPM / compatible with vista OS ) or I reordc and mail you the files either via e-mail or shipment of discs.

    For an instant quote visit

    Fill me in as best you can as this is determining your mobile recording quote.

    For the more personal touch
    give me a call and fill me in


    519 800 2801
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