Multi-Track Recorder for an O2R (Hard Drive)

Discussion in 'Computing' started by texassongwriter, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. OK, so I bought 2 Yamaha digital consoles in 1998 (worked with them for about 6 years). Both 16 channels cascaded together. I've been using Tascam DA 88's and 38's for multi-track recording (digital tape). Now I want to move to a Hard Drive unit that will work with my O2R's. Any suggestions? Been out of the game for awhile... :(

    Thanks in advance,
    - tony
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    Alesis HD24. They have a "standard" model and a "high resolution" model. Either one will probably beat the sound of what you have now, and guess what? NO tapes, nothin' to clean, lube, or demag! Ain't life great?LOL!! Really, you need to check them out.
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    It's got to be an HD24 (or two), really, unless you can wait for the ADAT version of the JoeCo Black Box.

    The stock HD24 will record at 44.1/48KHz from analog or digital (ADAT) inputs on 24 tracks, and 12 tracks at 88.2/96KHz on ADAT only. The HD24XR has better ADCs and DACs and will record 12 tracks at the higher rates on analog inputs as well as from ADAT. You can slave units together, so a pair of stock HD24s would get you 48 tracks at 44.1/48KHz to work with the ADAT I/O on your 02Rs.

    Don't forget you need a Vipower SmartDock or Alesis FirePort kit to connect the Alesis caddies to a computer for file transfer, or you can use Marc Brevoort's HD24Tools and a Vipower USB interface. The HD24 in its current form uses PATA (IDE) disk drives with a proprietary format, but MagicSound is offering an HD24 SATA caddy. The JoeCo unit uses external FAT-formatted USB drives, directly readable by a PC.

    Now the bad news...Alesis has discontinued the HD24XR. If you are buying new, you now have to get the HD24 and the EC-2 upgrade kit and do it yourself. You throw the standard HD24 I/O boards in the bin before ever using them. Crazy.
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