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Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by axdevera, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. axdevera

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    I've decided that I'm not a computer person and I'm gonna ditch my mixer for a multi-track recorder/recording workstation. Whatever they call it now. However, I've been looking just at musiciansfriend at the top sellers and i began to wonder about the actual tracks recorded.

    Are the tracks inputted onto a Multi-track Recorder each recorded separately? Because that's pretty much what I need, then dump it on my comp and do editing/amendments. Some of them do I guess, but some don't? Thanks for any clarification.
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    They'll all do separate tracks, and you should be able to dump separate tracks into your computer. The differences might be in HOW they transfer.
    That depends on the transfer method and transfer interface a partiular unit uses.

    Since there are quite a few units out there, you may want to compile a list of a few that interest you in terms of tracks, effects...etc., ..and then read about how they do things. Maybe even get it down to a few and ask back here something like "I'm considering THIS...could you tell me how...?" ...if you still need answers.

    Good luck,

    Kapt. Krunch
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    Get a Alesis HD 24 & join the yahoo HD 24 group. Don't forget to purchase their optional fire wire transfer device called the Fire Port. Then also get yourself the separately made/programmed HD 24 tools. Usually found with any search engine & it's free/shareware. It offers so much more than the factory FST connect.

    You'll need some decent preamps to complement the recorders capability but virtually any will do. The machine works just like an analog 24 track machines and is extremely user-friendly. There are no virtual tracks. Just 24 individual tracks.

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    +2 on the HD24
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    the HD24 looks amazing... bit out of price range though. was thinking around $600-$800.

    Whats the word on the Yamaha AW-1600? seems like a versatile recorder, plus the USB. Does anybody have any experience/know anything about it?
  7. barchdan

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    I bought an AW16G cheap, haven't used it yet, but you can only move tracks out (except for Optical digital stereo) by burning them to a CD and then taking that over to a computer DAW for more work. The USB in the AW1600 is much improved and you can back everything up and transfer files easily.

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