Multi Track Recording Question

Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by Quinn, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. Quinn

    Quinn Guest

    This is an Odd Question as I have no idea if it can be done.

    I want to Be able to Take a Mixer / Control Surface and Each Input I have plugged into it, Record to it's Own Track in Pro-Tools or any other Software.

    My idea is to have full control over everything going into the recording independently.

    What would I need to do this?

    Plugged in to board
    Guitar - Track 1
    Vocals - Track 2
    Bass - Track 3
    Drums Kick - Track 4
    Drums Symbols Track 5 - 8
    Snare Track 9
    Tom - tracks 10 - 13
    other - tracks 14 - 24

    All Going to Independent Tracks in DAW software (Cakewalk / Pro-Tools)
  2. Dave62

    Dave62 Guest

    Assuming your board has direct outs you can get 16 inputs and outputs out of the Digidesign 002 Rack. You will need an adat wired interface like the behringer ADA8000, Alesis AI3, Digimax LT, Focusrite Octapre or equivalent. You can get an extra 2 inputs from the spdif for a total of 18. Unless your doing live remote that should do it. Protools LE can play back a total of 32 tracks.
    Need 24? Check out the 24 I/O from motu. 24 ins and outs at up to 96 khz. You will want cubase or DP 4 as the supplied software "Audio Desk" is a bit clunky.
  3. Quinn

    Quinn Guest

    So My Best Bet is to have a Setup Like somthing like this.

    So, For an 8 Track Recoring Setup

    - Mics and stiff
    - Mixer - Behinger MX9000
    - Adat - Behringer ADA8000
    - Control - digidesign 002
    - Computer

    A Setup Like this would work for an 8.. and this for a 24?

    - Mics and stiff
    - Mixer - Behinger MX9000
    - I/O - Motu 24
    - Control - Control|24
    - Computer
  4. Quinn

    Quinn Guest

    Basically I am looking for a way to make an Affordable 24 Track Recording Studio.

    If anyone feels like helping a guy out.. thanks

    1. TASCAM FW-1884
    2. MOTU HD-192
    3. Computer DAW Sofware
  5. Auxsam

    Auxsam Guest

    Well i think if you want 24 tracks simultaneously you had the right idea with the behringermx9000 and the motu 24 Core I/O. you obviously need a computer, but you also have to think of which kind since using pro tools with this scenario would not work. therfore you can eliminate the use of a pro control and the digi 002. You might want to go with cubase or Nuendo and get yourself a powerful PC.
    If you want to go pro tools, the only way to get 24 I/O tracks is going HD or TDM which then pushes your budget way over. here i would advise at least a G4.
    What you need to decide is:
    A) What DAW should i get
    B) what interface works best and gives me 24 tracks of I/O
    C) What mixer will give me 24 channels with good mic pre's and god allow some DAW control.(also remember to look for direct outs)
    Good luck, i hope this post helps.
  6. Quinn

    Quinn Guest

    Behinger MX9000
    motu 24 Core I/O

    This will Allow me to Record Each Channel to it's Own Track in Cubase or Other?

    And will I need a Control Surface, so Edit it Afterwards

    I.E. The Tascam Control Surface, Can i Add that To this Setup and Have full implimentation of EQ, and of the Software, Being Able to Change Volume On Tracks and Other stuff?
  7. Auxsam

    Auxsam Guest

    You see,
    You dont need a control surface, you can automate everything( volume, eq, vsts, plug ins, fades, pan, etc) from inside your DAW. The software you choose will most likely be able to do that and then you will be mixing "inside the box". what you want is a good way to get your signal into your DAW as clean and pristine( good preamps, good mics) as you can. If you want mix with the console, you will most likely need outboard gear, and a whole bunch of it which i dont think you would be interested in buying.
    keep it simple for now, i suggest you buy plug ins and if you get yourself a computer, dont get anything less than a 3.0 gig processor and i gig ram AT LEAST! and dont get the tascam, you wont need it: learn to automate with your software. Also, make sure whatever software you get accepts different types of interface. Example, pro tools will only work with digi interfaces and you cant run pro tools with other interfaces( except for maybe an audio media 3 card, but thats digi too). nuendo, on the other hand will run with practically any I/O. make sure cubase can do that as well, im sure steinberg has that covered. Instead of a tascam, buy good monitors and a good power amp. good luck
  8. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    WHY ?

    think a little different ... 24 was the old standard

    generally with pop/band recording 16 simultaneous tracks of record is ample.
    32 tracks or playback (PT LE) is good
    I only mention PT LE as an example. Most of the other Native DAW will go further than 32.

    Mix in the Box OR use 16 ouputs for a part MITB and analog desk mix.
    Lots of options.

    I don't believe we have seen a decent control surface at this price level yet.
    SO get a cheap unit to serve your direct needs right now ... with the hope that something better will soon come.

    Use your budget on Mics and Mic-pres ... and Headphones and Speakers/amps ... and cables and infrastructure
  9. Kswiss

    Kswiss Guest

    unless you are doing mobile live recording, 24 simultaneous inputs is a tad excessive. I have 18, and i use the first two almost every day, up to eight all the time, and only occaisonally do i use more. For example i'm doing a band right now, and we've got kick, snare, two toms, hi hat, 2 overheads, two rooms, and a distant room, bass guitar, rhythm and lead guitars, and a scratch vocal. This is only 14, and its pretty excessive on the drums. With any DAW you'd still have a "24 track" studio, because you could play back way more than that. Even in the major studios unless they're tracking something enourmous i doubt they'd consistently use more than 16.
  10. imagineaudio

    imagineaudio Active Member

    Nov 24, 2004
    What about the 16 channel Onyx with the FW option?
  11. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    i use my motu 828 mkII for recording and it is just fine!
    i can connect by adat 8 inputs when i need more that the 8 from the focusrite octapre i use

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