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Multing Tips for Digital Mixes

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by jkasko, Feb 28, 2002.

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  1. jkasko

    jkasko Guest

    In an earlier discussion Julian mentioned that he has been having great success in rock tracks by multing the kick and snare to several channels and then combining them to get more punch and depth to his digital mixes.

    I would love to know some very detailed settings people are using to do this on kick, snare, and even vocals and bass.

    Thanks so much.

    -Joe Kasko
    Perfect Sound Studios
  2. B Callaway

    B Callaway Active Member

    Dec 30, 2001

    I mult kick, snare, vocals, sometimes guitar and bass depending on what is required. The general idea is too break each channel into separate freq bands (eg high low)or add effects (eg compression, limiting reverb delay flange etc etc) and mix them to end up with a hopefully stronger clearer signal. It works well.

    On a DAW you can also delay one channel slightly against the other to also create a bigger sound/stereo effect similar to double tracking.

    It all depends on what you start with and what sound you want in the end.

    Have fun,
    Bruce :roll:
  3. davemc

    davemc Guest

    Yes latency is a concern.
    I duplicate tracks(PT 5.11) or copy and paste and then make sure they have the same plugins on them so the same delay time.

    You can use time adjuster although some plugins do not show the correct delay time I have been told. It could be an urban myth.
  4. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    To be clear we are referring to COPY tracks - the same audio - up a newr channel...

    Re settings.. IMHO it really is no use cribbing pre sets, all eq & compression & whatever (distortion) needs to be CUSTOM TWEAKED per song!

    But thats just my opinion, I am an old skool grouch! :)

    I do appreciate some folks use em...

    In fact, here is a HOME for them!


    I belive Tom who runs it is doing a fine service for all those out there that DO like pre sets...

    WOW it has grown in size since I was last there

    Hi Tom!

  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    So compress the kick A LOT - SAME FOR THE SNARE, make madly distorted copies of each too, then blend, perhaps getting high end from one channel, bottom end from another.. pick what ever has the best to offer... dont twist the main signal INTO SHAPE WITH EQ so much as add to it with other versions..

    Get what you seek from all of the sources, perhaps have a commercial CD to reference to... try to copy the sound or get close to a favorite CD...

  6. tld

    tld Guest

    Hey Jules! Thanks for the plug.

    I guess some plugins lend themselves toward reusing presets more than others...possibly with compresson presets being the least reusable. But in any case, they can make a good starting point for tweeking.

    I'd certainly welcome any contributions, especially from a pro forum such as this. The sites FAQ page is here:


    Thanks again!

  7. adamfrick

    adamfrick Guest

    i've got an EP in production right now, and i had all the songs tracked into one main session. i set up -- for the snare and bass guitar (kick hasn't had its turn yet) -- two channels each (duplicated audio).

    snare has one track with pretty much the full signal but wit plenty of crack and crispness. the other track has that lower punchier oomph.

    bass (recorded direct out of the head from the amp) has one channel through the sansamp for all the finger noise and high end and presence, and the other channel is nothin' but the reeeaaall low rumbly fundamental-ly stuff.

    in both cases, since these were set up in the session from which all the individual song sessions are coming, i've got a starting point for each track, and i can very quickly alter the character of those sounds with a quick fader move instead of going in to edit an EQ all the time. works great to get more presence or body in one section or another as well.

    that's a little long winded, and may not be the most unique idea in the world, but thought i'd share what's working for me. tickity-boo! oops wrong post. ;-)

  8. imacgreg

    imacgreg Guest

    A lot of times, i will send drum tracks to an aux and do some REALLY heavy compression and extreme EQ, like 7-10dB @ 100Hz and 16KHz. Then i mix a small amount of this back in with the original tracks and it sounds pretty good. Sometimes I'll put bass through. if the comp is pumping with the kick, it can make the bass pump with the kick, just add a little in for a hint more of groove.
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