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    I just got myself set up with Sonar 6 home studio and a Tapco 2 channel firewire interface. In my newbie ignorance I purchased a 3 port firewire PCMCIA card assuming that my laptop didn't have firewire. I came to realize that it does... with a 4 pin connector instead of 6, i did not recognize this as firewire until after I opened the package of the PCMCIA card.
    So I'm thinking I can keep this card and use it to connect more firewire interfaces to be able to track more channels simultaneously (main intention is for recording drums.) The only problem is that I dont know if this would work or not... I'm a little confused as to how I'm supposed to record more than 2 tracks simultaneously. Can anybody tell me if they think this will work? If I do this how would I monitor it? I currently connect monitors to the Tapco but if I use more than one interface I'm not sure how that would work... thank you!
  2. You have to hack it to make it work, and even then it won't be stable or work well. If the interfaces are the same model and have a way of externally clocking to each-other there are ways to make it work. Does your tapco interface have an SPDIF port, or does the driver offer a way to stack interfaces? If not you might be out of luck.

    The easiest option is to sell the Tapco and get something with 8 inputs, but that costs $$.
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    speakin' of hacks

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