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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by OTRjkl, Apr 5, 2002.

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    What are the do's/don'ts, pros/cons, ins/outs of using the same (DX) plug-in (ie: an EQ) with DIFFERENT settings in more than one place (ie: several tracks and/or buses)? Does it matter? Or is it really better to use a different plug for each app?

    Thanks for the advice.
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    I don't really see any problem. I use plugin eqs all the time on different tracks and of course I'm going to have different settings.

    The only issues you may have with plugins is if they introduce latency due to processing. That you may need to compensate for...

  3. Hey There On Track,
    You should be OK processing the same plug-in on different tracks, with different settings. As stated above, you will see additional drain on your CPU with each additional plug-in activation. Eq is not one of the more demanding processes so you should be fine in that regard. BTW I am shamelessly going to promote the "Plug-in Forum" as being a great place to discuss all things plug-in, but only because I am the moderator. Now I better run before the "mixing, Editing," mods catch me at it!
    Cheers, Doc.
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