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Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by Biggi, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Biggi

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    Hello!! Just registered today to this wonderful site :) It's time to get some problems solved, hehe.

    Anyway, I recently bought various items to build a (cheap) DAW. Here is my basic setup:

    Audiophile 2496
    Behringer UB1202
    Alesis M1 Active Mk2 Monitors

    ...and a PC to hook it all up.

    The problem that I have is that I cannot listen to a playback from Cubase VST32 of a track and record another one without the first one being included in that new track. Simply put, I can't separate the output from the computer from the signal I'm sending to the computer's inputs. This is driving me crazy.

    Obviously having another soundcard with separate inputs would simplify the matter but I was taking a look at the Soundcraft Compact 4 and that mixer seems to have what the UB1202 is missing: Separate recording & playback options built in the mixer.

    Something might be eluding me with this UB1202 though.

    Any comments?

  2. catlouise

    catlouise Guest

    UB 1202 / Audiophile 2496 monitor mixing

    Hi Rosco,

    By the sounds of it, you are sending your instrument and sound card outputs to the main mix, which you are listening to, and then pumping both back into your sound card.

    This is the reason for the 'control room' sends. Plug your monitors into these, plug the sound card into the tape ins.

    Your Main outs send to the sound card. The 'control room' sends to the monitors. You need to push the button 'tape to control room' so you have separated your monitor mix (from the sound card to the tape ins) from your main mix.

    Now if you want to change the level balance in the monitor mix of the instrument you are recording, you would do this on your PC.

    I think that will work.


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