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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by sethlit, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. sethlit

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    Apr 8, 2004
    Hey all...a little new at this....could you all give me the best option with what I have..

    I've got:

    Pentium III 640MB
    Cool Edit Pro
    M-Audio 1010
    Yamaha MG12 mixer
    a bunch of mics and instruments

    Now how exactly do I configure the M-Audio/ yahama mixer relationship in order to multitrack record on Cool Edit with as many tracks as I can?

    I know it's a little vague of a question but basically I'm not understanding how I connect the mics and inputs into my mixer in order to connect to the soundcard while still recording the tracks to seperate tracks on Cool Edit.

    Thanks in ahead...sorry I'm still learning.

  2. noit

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    Your question is vast. I know it's a bummer, but the best answer would be to read the manuals for the mixer the sound card and cool edit. Then, if you still run into trouble, you will know how to express your questions more specifically.
  3. dymaxian

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    Hey there!

    Sounds like what you need out of that mixer, mostly, is the preamps. I use mine to route sound to headphone mixes and playback systems, but otherwise the mixer's main purpose in my room is to preamp mic channels.

    The trouble is that in order to do this, you need a mixer that has a dedicated output for each individual channel. I got the Allen&Heath unit I did specifically because it has these... there are others that do, too, but most mixers do NOT.

    If your mixer doesn't have a line-out for each channel, see if you can use the effects loop or insert jack. Just pull the signal out as if you're sending to an effects loop, but it just goes into the M-Audio 1010 inputs and doesn't come back. This may or may not work out for you- it may bypass your mixer's EQ or volume sliders, but this isn't too big a deal (I leave my mixer's EQ flat anyway).

    Otherwise you're going to be hunting down new preamps or a different mixer. You won't be able to separate the mixer channels if you're taking the signal out of it's main outputs...

    Hope this helps.

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  4. sharmon

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    Hi, i have a very similar setup. 1010 and cool edit pro. Dymaxion is spot on, your mixer is useful as mic preamps and for playback.

    I don't know the mixer you are using, but if you are lucky it will have direct outs or inserts, then you can route each channel to a channel on your sound card. Incidently, out of the 8 analog inputs in the m audio sound card there are 2 which have built in mic preamps, so you can route mics direcdtly to these inputs. For the remainder of 6, you'll need channel outs from your mixer, whether they be effect outs, aux outs or whatever. In Cool edit you can config each recording input to accept the line from any of the 8 sound card inputs. I found the card a bit complicated initially, but after about an hour of fiddling with it i realised it is remarkably simple to configure.

    If you have any particular difficulty with it, message me, i will probably be able to help you out.


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