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    The U.S. had 62 million amateur instrumentalists aged 5 and older in 1994, an increase of 1 million since 1991, according to the Gallup Organization of Princeton, New Jersey. Six in ten American households include someone who has experience playing a musical instrument, according to the survey, which interviewed more than 1,800 adults and teens.
    It is certainly true that in a market becoming ever-more fragmented, music is a channel with a unique ability to reach a broad church of consumers. Brands have often leaned on musicians to add credibility, glamour or authenticity to their products and the list of collaborations is long and varied. However, as these collaborations proliferate and record labels look for more varied ways to repair their bottom line, could the relationships between brands and bands turn sour?
    As everyone is well versed to music industry it is best to opt for Social Media and Online Marketing and it can work on the Golden Rules. Whoever owns the Gold, Rules! Take away the ‘Music’ from the “Music Business’ and there is no business. We own the gold. Therefore, we MUST make the rules.
    Start thinking like an entrepreneur. Think like a business owner. Whether you like it or not, that’s how it is. That’s how you are going to succeed in this business.
    Marketing your music is an art form. It is never the same thing twice and you have to adjust day to day, week to week to find out what works and what doesn’t. There is a strategy involves in the process of marketing your business, it can be followed with points:
    Viral Marketing: This term is thrown around the music industry and for very good reason; it's one of the most effective ways of building your audience! Build in Trust (word of mouth): When friends tell friends about something that they like, a buzz begins. They usually trust each other with information about new things that each discovers and music is no different from a great burger place, a great tv show, or movie. The fact that a friend says, "you should listen to this band" makes it a lot more likely that you'll want to listen to a new band rather than, "Hey! You should listen to our music!" Viral marketing is all about word-of-mouth. Our actions speaks more then our words, when you think about how much advertising of poor products are directed out you daily, it's no wonder the trust-factor simply does not exist when we initially hear about something new coming from the mouth of the advertiser (in your case, you, or your band). This is why it is so important that you encourage positive word-of-mouth and do your best to stop bad word-of-mouth. Make sure that you always do things in an honest's that powerful!
    Business is a lot like writing a song or jamming on stage with really good musicians and a full house watching. It’s a rush when you make a sale. Or you write a marketing series that makes the phone ring. And it’s a total rush when someone writes you a check for 50% deposit on a gig far into the future. It’s a total rush when they put you up in a nice hotel, feed you, pamper you, love your show and ask you back.
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