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    I'm actually getting into this now. Then a thought came to me regarding the project's completion and money. I really don't know much about how music for games is organized on a payment level but from what I know:

    *Almost all music for games are Work for Hire
    *Music for games is not monitored by any P.R.O. (Performance Rights Org.)

    Presently, I'm organizing a music pack for developers based on RPG games. I'm having a little trouble on the marketing strategy. I was thinking about charging $50.00 (or mabe $100 (they're getting 27 1 to 2 minute tracks + 18 fanfares and bonus voice materials) for the entire thing for independent developers but my problem comes with commercial, bigger business developers. What would be a suitable price to set for all this or should I price each track individually when it comes to commercial businesses? What's a suitable price? Well renound composers can charge $10,000 per minute of game music. Since I'm not renound, would about $3,000 per minute sound ok? Also considering that I'm not doing these in surround sound yet.

    I also read that it's recommended that composers ask for additional payments when their music gets utilized in different platforms and in ancillary areas (commercials, movie trailers, motion pictures, soundtrack albums, etc.)?
  2. Great Book

    The Complete Guide to Game Audio - by Aaron Marks.

    Learn it Live it Love it.
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    If you haven't done so already, you need to get legal advice on this. This is what they call a synchronization deal and there are certain legal terms that you can get lost in if you don't know what you are doing.

    Keep feeding the companies with clips of your tracks. and when they say that they want to use one of them, call your lawyer to handle the negotiations.

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