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    WITH time running out, the top brass at Time Warner--the world's biggest (and most indebted) entertainment conglomerate--is determined to call the tune at its wayward music division. Heads are rolling at Warner Music, the world's most successful record company, more profitable than films, publishing or television and consuming vastly less cash than cable. The question arises “How do they Market their music business, it’s said that there are many paths leading towards success but the question arises which path do you choose for your business considering the long term.

    Marketing is one of the toughest areas for most musicians to tackle. It requires a lot of focus, hard works and determination even when it seems you are not getting any positive results. On top of these facts you can easily go broke by over paying for advertisements and other marketing services. However, if you are like most musicians, you probably don’t have a marketing budget to blow in the first place. With all the media attention given to file sharing and the travails of the major labels, the Internet's role in the distribution and sale of music has been highly visible in recent years. But what's been left out of the conversation — something that's equally if not more important for independent musicians — is the use of the Net for marketing and promotion.

    The question is! Are there basic strategies musicians should employ to get people to hit the buy button as becoming known to a lot of people is one thing, but making money is quite another. The answer depends on two elements on the front page of the site of the musician: (1) an email opt-in sign-up list for future news, updates, tour date announcements, and any other news the artist wishes to promote, and (2) some form of promotional advertisement on the front page of the current product or item the artist is promoting (usually tour date links or merchandise or CD links to their online store). If the fan enjoys it, they will buy it and support the artist, in most cases.

    There are many ways of getting business on your favor; you need to follow the basic principle of marketing which are explained as follows:
    Business Cards: Business cards are the old standby of any business marketing plan. They are generally cheap, well received and easy for those you are targeting to quickly tuck away for a better look later on. It is advisable to carry your business cards with you and look for opportunities to disperse them to your target markets.
    EP/Demo Cdrs: Eps are shortened CDs (5-7 tracks) also sometimes known as demo CDs. Here you take your best songs and compile them all onto cdrs and disperse them to your fans at shows and other forums for free as samplers of your music. This works well in creating buzz about your band and you paid nearly nothing to do this because the songs used should be previously recorded tracks or low budget recordings at most.
    Build an Email List: There are numerous free group and newsletter services out there for you to choose from that will host and help you manage your email lists. The groups you do this with of course need to be similar to your sound or genre or else you are probably risking getting marked as a spammer by numerous people. Be cautious as to how many times you attempt to get members from the same groups as well.
    Social networking websites: Social Networks for Musicians helps musicians and music businesses effectively create and manage their social networks which started showing its color in 2005 by music-industry powerhouse and GoGirlsMusic founder Madalyn Sklar, Social Networks for Musicians brings the best and most innovative web marketing solutions to musicians' social networking sites. In the music industry today Social Networking is the #1 technique for getting your songs heard. Let’s face it; the internet is here to stay. A network is viral, it’s like a train. Once it is in motion it’s hard to stop. Momentum in music is a powerful thing if you can harness it.
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    Music promotion or marketing can be done in various ways.There are mainly two methods for music promotion offline and online music promotion.Offline music promotion includes promotion through fliers and posters.Online music promotion includes the ways that you have already mentioned.Music promotion is the main base of successful business so it should be done carefully.
  3. One eminent historian has written that our entire society suffers from attention deficit. The most important ability for a mediator is to pay attention. Successful online marketing requires that you keep your marketing and website fresh. Direct marketing is a form of presenting a certain product directly to the customer by the corporation rather than using any media. Social media management can take a lot of time, not only to set up, but to maintain. Creating new content, keeping abreast of what's currently popular, and planning future marketing campaigns
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    Internet music marketing is a major struggle and one of the most important activities in any business or industry.

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