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    The age of information and the web:
    Where the barrier to entry to the music arts is now set at an all time low.
    Where just about anyone with access to the internet can open a music/network account.
    Where all artists(except the major branded artists) are pretty much competing on a level playing field;
    whether they are established indie artists or amateurs testing the waters
    The GiGhive Network is looking for those who stand out.howdy

    If you are currently an Independent Music Professional, Producer, Indie Band, Musician or Aspiring Artist who:
    1. Owns an official branded website(dot com) and is actively promoting services or music from it

    2. Using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Reverbnation, Blogs, Forums etc; to promote your website, network and build your brand

    3. Has a detailed About Me, bio or intro section somewhere on your website. Very Important!

    4. Has a web presence and currently building their brand image.

    5. Looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd.

    Then we invite you submit your current music artist website. Promote music website here

    We are always looking to list quality artists that will help establish the GiGhive brand as a standard for the Independent Music Artist Genre. GiGhive Independent Artists

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