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    I am a pianist and a vocalist. When I built my first studio, the grand piano was inside the control room, so I could engineer and play. It took some getting used to, but it worked. I made several fine CDs in that odd place, which was carved out of my little house in the burbs. Now I live in a condo, and I've got a studio in the living room. Can't have any live drummers, but I do have the piano. Anyone else out there that does this bit? ;)
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    I don't have a piano - but my 'studio' is residing in my apartment at the moment. I guess the ultimate question is - do you (still) get results that you're happy with? I for one am really annoyed with the sound of most rooms in homes (unless you're lucky to have old pine floors and 12 foot ceilings in your 1920's era building). The rest of us have to contend with acoustic treatments to tame the nastiness... with varying degrees of success. Not to mention how much work one wants to put into a room if you're only there for 6-12 months...

    Then again, I've only recorded myself, friends & family for the past 4+ years... and after every project it feels like my ears are opened. You have to start somewhere-

    Good luck!

  3. Innermusic

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    I had a top quality studio designer do a sweep of the living room after the gear was all set up. Both of us were quite ready to find big problems (and expensive solutions...). But, the charts looked astonishingly good, and all that was necessary was to move the gear around a bit, and angle the console to eliminate the reflections eminating from it. No, my biggest challenge is to have both hats on at once. I've got to maintain my musical creative flow, while at the same time deal with the engineering side. And when I listen to a take, I have to listen to EVERYTHING, whereas if I had an engineer there with me, I could pay more attention to the musical intricacies. But I get a thrill out of creating my own sound, as well as my own content.

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