Mute should mean mute right?..Please mute!

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by klang balloon, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. klang balloon

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    Hi all, I recently purchased an Allen&Heath Zed R16.

    I have my Keyboards and drum machine connected via line inputs and when I mute any of the channels I can still hear the instruments quietly coming through.

    Which is making me feel I have a lemon.

    All channels are being routed to L+R main mix and all routing buttons are in the up position.

    Aux sends are turned fully counter clockwise.

    I've always noticed on any desk that mute means mute silence?

    I hope someone can see something I am missing and save me sending it back.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Boswell

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    This must be either a fault on your board or else an inadvertent switch setting. It doesn't behave like that on my Zed-R16, so I don't think it's a design problem.

    Is it the same level of breakthrough on all mono channels? What about a stereo channel?

    With just the KB or drum machine playing through a muted mono channel line input (not one of the stereo inputs), does it make any difference if you press the yellow DIG RET button for that channel? What about if you press the PFL button? What do you hear when you release the channel's L-R button?
  3. klang balloon

    klang balloon Active Member

    Thanks for the reply Boswell!

    I pretty much tried all variations to hear what was going down. At work at mo so I'll try your questions later.

    Thanks again
  4. pcrecord

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    Unless your board suffer from channel crosstalk, what you hear should come from your signal path somehow.
    Could it be coming from your DAW ?

    If you don't find I suggest communicating this to the support, I'm sure they will assist or fix the issue...
  5. klang balloon

    klang balloon Active Member

    Thanks for your thoughts pcrecord.

    I thought about it coming from Ableton but have nothing outputting back to the desk as all routing buttons on desk are up so desk is behaving as analog.

    I'll try again to rule out human error.

    Many thanks
  6. klang balloon

    klang balloon Active Member

    So if I for example chl 4+5 receiving drum machine and both are muted with no gain and their faders all the way down, L+R buttons depressed and both DIG RET pressed, I can hear the drums faintly. If I depress DIG RET then it's even louder. If PFL buttons are pressed I hear them loud and clear as expected and if DIG RET are pressed with PFL pressed then it's faint. L+R main faders are at 0db during this.

    With the channels muted and their faders at 0db and L+R buttons depressed I again hear the drums faintly..even when faders are all the way down.

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