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    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share with you a new online music community where artists can meet, sample, and sell their music! It's pretty so check it out! Here's some awesome info and if you have any questions I would love to help answer them. :p | Sell your songs directly to your fans

    Muzicol was launched in 2011 as a global music community network for artists and fans of the world, focused on providing a virtual stage for artists.
    Muzicol offers a fully integrated service, allowing the artists to:
    •Make their music available to a global audience with the possibility to communicate and to exchange information with their fans, without barriers and sell worldwide.

    •Monetize their work immediately and set themselves the terms and conditions at which they wish to sell their product.
    -No need for distribution contracts: the artists, singers, songwriters, musicians, etc… will define their own prices for songs, albums and videos.
    -Collect their royalties in their personal (PayToo or bank) account in real time.

    •Offer co-promotion sharing to their public, with the objective to encourage, support and promote their music or any other form of art.
    -Artist will be able to give up to 50% of their profit made on Muzicol and split up to 500 shares, they can immediately get cash to go back and work on their music.

    •Split their production according to the percentage they agreed upon with producer(s), musicians, composer(s), etc.

    •Organize the marketing and the logistical support for their concerts, including communication, ticketing, collection of payments, etc.

    •Allow composers, writers and publishers to connect and to team-up for emerging projects. Managers, agents, radio stations and newspapers will contribute to the emergence of new talents and will give them a chance to have…. exposure! Not only for artists but also for make-up artists, dancers, videographers, etc.

    •Artists will have all the “tools” available to energize the entertainment industry. Music, videos, movies, merchandising, apps, tickets and more.
    •Once the artists and the users set-up their account, they will be able to design their own page with elements such as photos, videos, song presentations, a biography, preview and access to chat and to links.
    •Now artists will no longer have barriers regarding their sales, because with PayToo payment platform, the audience will be able to pay directly from their phone or from their computer worldwide, whether they are “banked” or “unbanked”.
    All genres and styles of music are covered here, ranging from the most commercially popular to the most obscure. We delve beneath the surface to present a level of detail unmatched anywhere else.

    A place to interact within the music industry and get revenue!
    Sign up... it’s Free!!!

    Head office contacts:

    Michel Poignant - Director - President and CEO - Email:
    Zarah Ortiz - Executive Assistant- Email:
    Bianca M. Champagne - Marketing Coordinator - Email:

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