MXL 990 >> Behringer Mic200 + 2 days = Hiss ???

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Flavy, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. Flavy

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    Hey..i'm TOTALLY new to the recording stuff neither did i have alot of money. So I got the least expensive stuff i could find. I got a MXL 990, Some LiveX XLR cable (5ft), & a Behringer Mic200. I plug that into my Home PC with a standard Sound Card. Anyway, when I started out it sounded great. Ofcourse, since they are really cheap so there was this hiss. It was annoying but it was tolerable. A few days later, there was this extra hiss. Sort of like an extra layer of hiss. & it was too much. I thought it was the wire or the mic so i removed em & just listened to the output. The hiss was still there. Can it be my sound card?? I havent tried it directly thru my headphones yet, will let you all know when i do though. But anyway, if it WAS my PC then how come it started hissing two days later?? ... Can anyone help me out about where the extra layer of hiss is coming from?

    By the way, the hiss has this weird thing goin on as well. Like a weird changing noise in it as well & also, it stops sometimes for like a second or two.. but then it gets back...

    Thanks...Appreciate it :)
  2. blaumph2cool

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    May 2, 2005
    Portland, OR
    First of all are you going into the Line or Mic input on the sound card? you need to be on the Line input

    I would try playing with the levels on the MIC200 and the sound card, you won't totally get rid of the hiss but can limit it.
    I own the MIC200 and a pair of 990s and don't run into Too Much Hiss (subjective). so i would tend to think it is your sound card.

  3. Flavy

    Flavy Guest

    hey .. thanks alot for the reply. I tried it all but same problem exists. I think i just might have to change the soundcard. Thanks again though !!

    how much does the XLR cable matter though?
  4. roguescout

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    You need a soundcard that accepts XLR or 1/4" TRS (balanced) connectors and has an analog to digital converter.

    Or skip trying to record into your soundcard and get a USB or Firewire interface. A Tascam US-122 would be a good choice.
  5. Flavy

    Flavy Guest

    Hey thanks again....Does the tascam give hiss?? Less Hiss?? No Hiss at all???
  6. Ness

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    Well i don't get any hiss with my MXL 990 hooked up to my tascam anymore. At first my Mic had grounding issues but those were fixed by simply touching the wire mesh (the very inner layer of wire mesh, since i have removed the outer two layers). But i also realized half of my hiss i got was from noise pollution in my room. Quieting vents/doors/fans/windows/walls will help quite a bit.

    Hope you can solve your hiss problems
  7. jahme

    jahme Guest

    just buy a high quality wire and ur set
  8. Flavy

    Flavy Guest

    Thanks guys!! i'll get a Tascam USB thing & take it from there!!
  9. Just a thought, You might also look at the M-Audio AudioPhile firewire interface. It has more features than the Tascam, and firewire has a ton more bandwidth then USB. It has in my case, elimitated alot of hiss that I had going into my soundblaster Live. the only hiss that remains is room noise.

    However, I still am tweaking it to see if I can't get a more professional sound.. I am not sure that I can get much better with a 990 but I will post these questions in a differant thread as they are not related. Just throwing that out there for you to be aware of.

    Good luck!

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