My beloved sonic foundry...fallen?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Aaron-Carey, Feb 12, 2001.

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  1. Aaron-Carey

    Aaron-Carey Active Member

    Dec 25, 2000
    I LOVE sonic foundry products. I use Vegas and sound forge EVERY day.
    But WHAT is going on in their heads?
    In order to please wall street, they have pink slipped a whole chunk of employees!
    Look at the sorry sad state of Sound Forge 5. Not really an " upgrade" . No batch converter, no CD architect support!

    And on the subject of CD architect, WHY do they discontinue it? UGH!!! go to the SF forum for horrible sad details! A once forward thinking and so promising a company, now just wanting to get their wares into best buy and compusa and the like.....BARF!!!
  2. Dedric

    Dedric Guest

    I agree. I know of many SF users that moved to Wavelab long ago for 24-bit support. I only use XP and CD Arch. for final edits and CD burning (so I'm already at 16 bit at that point), but was VERY dissapointed in the feature list of 5.0, esp. given the price.

    I suppose Sonic Foundry is putting all of their audio eggs into the streaming media basket and forgoing traditional pro audio editing (maybe not multitrack though). They will probably do pretty well as that is certainly the current evolution in music distribution. Perhaps they plan to focus on the Vegas line more for pro audio, but will have a lot of competition with Nuendo and others. Too bad - they almost had the PC-based audio editor market locked up if they had kept up with Wavelab in the beginning. Oh well, just speculation on my part. It's their business. I'll find other ways to burn CDs and edit when CD Arch doesn't work with my PC upgrades anymore. Maybe they think audio won't need to be edited by hand in the future and are working on mind-controlled neural net software :D

  3. cww2

    cww2 Guest

    i'm with ya........i'm a huge lover of sound forge and cd architect. i also have wavelab and i think i'm going to have to switch. being able to work with multiple plugins without commiting to save is excellent. i have vegas audio and video, nuendo and cubase vst5. vegas may be an excellent product but it seems as if nuendo has surprassed to a superior level. it saddens me because i love the SF stuff........just seems as if they may be trying to ride their reputation now.

    .....and can we please get an attractive interface........shouldn't mean much but i just like the way nuendo looks much more than vegas........

    thats all.............cww2
  4. So, is there really not a way to burn disk at once under SF5.0? I thought I just hadn't found it yet...
  5. I also used to love Sonic Foundry... but after all this Sound Forge downgrade I'm disapointed too. Even tho I must say I've just mastered a whole production based entirely on Wave Hammer and Sonic Forge's graphic EQ. Good, but still miss architect. Hope Wavelab can do something like architect (I never used Wavelab). About Vegas, it has been beaten not only by Nuendo. Seems like Acid is the only app from SF I'll keep using, even tho Sonar included this loop-matching-drawing with better versatility AND within an audio + midi + virtual instruments envyronment, but new DXi instruments don't work as well as VST do, in my opinion. Finally, I ended working with Nuendo (more stable than Sonar and Samplitude on my PIII 256 MB RAM) but would like this Acid function Sonar includes. I'll soon be trying ReCycle to see if I can integrate it with Nuendo in a whole Steinberg envyronment, including Wavelab. Bye bye to SF.

  6. :confused: Hi all.
    Due to the wellknown downgrade by Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge 4.5 to 5.0, many people have been switching to Wavelab, me among them. I've been going Steinberg since some time ago and start to like this mastering app. Still could use SF plugins plus VST ones. BUT: Why do waveforms' dynamic look diffrerent (drastically) on each one? Nuendo shows the same waveforms I see on SF, but wavelab shows lots of peaks after applying hard limiting. I don't get it. Is it a bug? Is it related to certain frequencies or what? If somebody owns both programs, please try opening the same file on each one and see if there are graphic differences.
    Any help will be appreciated.
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