My colorful new keyboard!! Learning shortcuts made easy!

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    (Not a spam! Just a user experience and recommendation.)

    After running out of options (no Pro Tools keyboard for PC and the Digidesign store usually out of sticker stock) I found this link on "The DUC" and decided to give it a shot.

    Hell, $15 isn't much to lose if it turns out to be crap.

    Well, they aren't crap. They are actually VERY COOL! They showed up as promised and I now have a pseudo-Pro Tools keyboard with color-coded shortcuts. And its a cordless, so I can just grab the USB receiver, throw it in my bag and plug it in at remote sessions.

    So if you are still learning your shortcuts (like me), have a PC or don't want to pay hundreds for that Apple/PT keyboard, or just want to spend 2 hours sticking these things on... order up a set. I highly recommend it!

    And they make them for several different editing applications. I think I may need to go out and buy keyboards for Photoshop and Premiere! HA!
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    HA! Of course!

    As soon as I finsh this post and go back to the forum homepage I notice the AD for this company finally rotating around! SHEESH!

    HA! Well... I guess they just got a free additional commercial from me!

    Good stuff.

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