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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by norm, May 4, 2004.

  1. norm

    norm Guest

    Hi everybody ^_^

    I'm new here. I just start to do some electronic music not so long. I like IDM and D'n'B style.
    by the way my english might make you guys get little bit confuse cuz it not my first language. please try to understand. :oops:

    well, I would like to ask you about equepment for my first home studio.

    now I'm looking for Speaker and Audio Interface, Mixer, Controller in 1. I'm using pro tools in my school so I think I want to buy mixer which can control Pro Tools and allow me to use it like an analog mixer for live. but I don't know much about it. which mixer you think I suppost to use for now. What do you think about my list? could you please help me to make a decision.

    this is my list.

    Genelec 1029 or

    Mackie HR824

    set A
    mixer - 002 mixer

    set B
    Audio Inter face - Mbox
    mixer - o1v96

    I want to use for music and movie production. which equipment that you guys think is good for me in your oppinion. why? or you have another idae?

    I know the price of 002 mixer is almost same as o1v96. but oo2 can control evry parameter in Pro Tools (only pro tools), o1v can do just volume, pan, solo, mute,... actually I would like to choose o1v96. cuz it have surround and it have more out/in. but the problem is the price of o1v+soundcard is much more expensive than 002. If I go with o1v I stil have to buy pro tool interface or another software, right?
    so what do you think about yamaha o1v96 and digi 002?

    thank you :D
  2. JeffreyMajeau

    JeffreyMajeau Active Member

    Sep 5, 2000
    An O1V is probably a more flexible purchase that you'll use for a longer time. The OO2 is great with it's ability to control PTLE and also be used as a standalone mixer, but it's only got 8 inputs in mixer mode. The O1V has 24 ins and will grow with you as your studio and experience changes.

    The 002Rack is the solution for me, but I can easily see a standalone mixer (digital or analog) being an asset to the setup. Depends on how important recallability is to you.

    The great thiing about using a standalone mixer is that you can use virtually any multitrack software/hardware you want. You're not tied to a particular software suite. I've got limited experience outside of using Pro Tools, so I'm not going to tell you what to buy. I was impressed with Samplitude the last time I used it, and there's a lot of folks who like Nuendo. I'm comfortable with Pro Tools and I get what I want from it, so that's what I use. A cheaper solution may be Adobe Audition, which is actually Cool Edit Pro.

    I'm not sure how much your budget is - the Genelecs are definitely the way to go if you can swing them. There are other monitors in that price range that you might want to consider, though.

    I think you should do either Digi002 OR the 01V with other software, but NOT PTLE w/ 01V.
  3. norm

    norm Guest

    thanks for your suggestion :D
    so what is good monitor that not so expensive but give me a good sound?

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