My first time recording project... I need so much help!!!!

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Boldaz-Lepton, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. Hi, this is my first post on these forums ans I was wondering if anyone out there can help me

    I`m going to be producing a record for a straight rock and roll band, kind of like Jet or Franz Ferdinand(this is my first time producing, although I`ve been a bass player for quite a while). Due to strict budget considerations the recording of each of the instruments (drums, bass, 2 guitars, vocals) will be done sepparately (sp?) in different studios and at very different times. My main concern is that it may be impossible to get consistent sound trough the whole thing.

    I`m specially worried about the drums for several reasons:
    1. this is the drummer`s first time in a recording studio although he`s been practising a lot lately... still, he`s pretty inexperienced.
    2. would you suggest recording all the drums for the album together or doing each song as a whole?
    3. If you think it`s better to record all the drum tracks first, would you leave them unmixed (untouched) and wait until all the other instruments are recorded or would you start working on the final sound for the drums at once?

    Sorry for the loooong post, but any help would be greatly appreciated (also: excuse my english, I´m writing from Venezuela)
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    Re: My first time recording project... I need so much help!!

    if he can play to a click (i assume u r using a click) and can hit his instruments ok you'll be fine...
    it depends what you want to achieve, really. if you want a distinct sound throughout the whole album make sure you record all drum tra ks at the same studio. if you are going for the different requirements the different songs may have you might as well approach it on a song by song basis.
    i think you should work on the drum sound as soon as you know where you are going soundwise. if you work on it right away you'll have to adjust later on according to the other instruments, but it might give the other players a better idea of where you're headed. if you're not sure where you're going better leave it untouched and work on it as soon as the other instruments start coming in...hth...
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    Re: My first time recording project... I need so much help!!

    The franz and jet albums were recorded with VERY large budgets. you need to be prepared to spend some money to get good sounds. Take the drums to a great studio and record everything else in a mediocre studio or at home if you have any equipment.

    1. Have him practice to a click track. period. only way.
    2. Drums all at once. For straight ahead rock, it is the only way to get it done effectively price wise. Drum setup and tuning takes a lot of time, better to do it once, record away, and then finish up everything else at later times. The ideal would be to have the drums, bass and guitar all played together and then go back and do overdubs. much better vibe to the songs this way.
    3. Record all drum tracks first. period. make sure you lay down a rough guitar track for him to play along to or you may end up with useless drum tracks cause he went too long on the bridge, etc.

    Your job as a "producer" is going to be to make sure that you get the best takes possible, make sure the drums are tuned well, and that the project is going to sound like what you or the band or the record label envisioned. if you are being paid by the band, then you should make sure you get the sound that they want.

  4. Tanks a lot guys, these suggestions are going to be very helpful. There is of course an enormous difference between our budget and the budget of the above metioned bands, but still I feel my job is to make it sound as good as it possibly can and this is why I really appreciate you taking the time to guide me over these newbe concerns... :oops:

    If anyone else has something to add to this I would really appreciate it, thanks for all your help---
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