My mouse makes the awfullest noise

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Jbon, Jun 7, 2005.

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    And, I am not surewhy it does it as I, simply am waiting for the time when I can afford a replacement cooling solution in my hoss DAW I built myself but which had the "Evercool" chosen as its cooling solution..(wc-201)which(I learned) is an "unreliable" :oops: that is to say I will make account for its reliability , this way... "you know its gonna fail, about 30 days, after you install. that is the reliability of Evercool wc-201 in my experience. I paid a cool 100+ in US$ for the unit . ( I really am still on the same subject) :roll:
    This backup I am now using proving the reliability of anHP.... but this DAW has this annoying glitch associated with moving the mouse in Ableton live during playback .. NOISE/STATIC/seemingly "sympathetic" to my on-screen "flash objects".... and my makesaudio sound poor in the spots where it leaks down!
    but mostly its just difficult to focus on anything with this static mouse movements-NOISES persisting all the time, as prefer to I choose to keep my habit of "mousing" while the "capstan" plays .(.my "main" DAW AArdvark doesn't seem to have the problem wireless mouse or non)MYcurrent only "work-around is to simply amend my habit to not mousing while pla in motion... (but its hard)
    I forgot to mention I had replaced my wireless mouse on this unit with a regular wired one...I don't suppose its being an "optic" mouse would be the "reason" I am getting this "interference" see if that would help.. which It did some but not enough...

    does anyone recognize what I am experiencing?
    thank you very much for any assistance or comments
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    Feb 15, 2005
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    If this is a USB mouse, this would almost certainly be the problem. Many USB peripherals cause conflicts more easily than their serial or PS/2 counterparts. If an adapter doesn't fix the problem, then you must wait for your good DAW to come online.
  3. Jbon

    Jbon Guest

    thanks very much

    I did have a usb wireless which performs beautifully on the daw I built but bought a cool-looking cooling solution for, as the aark card inside and its outbox for the other goodies outsidehas this type issue knocked before it calls, well in hand, but immediately. I assumed it was either of those factors when the annoyance was noticed on this older, actually much more reliable (so-far)the HP)it is does well, but is a kid brother of back-up so-called daw-pc......I am very grateful for your comment, James.
    I am my own worst enemy I share 1 monitor till I can afford a seperate one for each unit then I can utilize the matrox dualhead in my daw2 but then i will be back whereI started without amonitor for the hp.. so actuallyI should buy myself two matching new ones! or mabe sanny claws ha ha ha
    thanks , man
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