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    Oct 28, 2014
    After what seemed like never ending renovations, here are some pictures of my new studio. I am happy with the outcome, although I am still waiting for my door and door frame to arrive so I cannot measure the sound proofing yet. Although now my wife can watch TV right above my studio which she could not do before.

    I kept testing my room while I was adding the acoustic treatment and was surprised to see what difference the treatment made with respect to nulls and peaks. The response is much flatter in the room when compared to my old room which was a disaster zone for low frequencies.

    I was also happy with the wire management system I purchased. I actually spent a while looking at studio pictures to see what people to to organize cables. I found a lot of people just use milk crates, or nails in the walls or so on. I happen to swing by target as the store was closing and purchased 2 end-cap display racks with hooks. It is very solid and works like a charm. I included a picture of that. I also wanted something interesting for my mics where they would be easy to access. I have not found the ideal solution but the ikea shelf is working fine for now. If you have any ideas or feedback, please do not hesitate. Oh, and those ugly speaker next to my monitors are NOT for mixing....they are only used for live rehearsals with my band.

    I am not necessarily looking for feedback with this post, just proud of my work and wanted to share it. haha

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    Easy access to you also means easy access to others.

    If you plan on having clients in there on a regular basis, your safest bet is to lock 'em up.

    ( Ask me how I know ... ;) )

    Either put a door - and a padlock - on that Ikea shelf, or, buy something that is more secure.

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    Nice place Matt !!
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    Looks great Matt, congrats. Hope you get to enjoy it a long time.

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