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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Fast2gg, Jun 23, 2007.

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    So after buying a new monitor and videocard, I decided i dont want to upgrade my fairly outdated system with stuff that will be useless when i have to upgrade my mobo/processor.....

    So. i decided to upgrade my mobo/processor...

    which meant a new heatsink, and powersupply, and ram!! (4gb!!!)... which lead me to get a new case that had a powersupply in it. which lead to returning the agp videocard i bought.... and getting a nvidia 8600,

    so in the end i went from spending $175 on a videocard to $1000 on a new system minus HD's.

    heres what i got.

    Case -
    Video Card - GeForce 8600gt
    RAM - Dual Channel 4GB DDR2 800
    Mobo -
    Processor - core2Duo E6700

    and last but not least the sweet heatsink!

    How do you think i did? I'm pretty satisfied with the results/price ratio. havent ordered it yet, gotta wait for the videocard to come in so i can return it.

    im anxious to see how many vst's i can get running on sonar at once without lag.

    grand total 1050,
    50$ mailin rebate (which i probably will never process. sadly, im a lazy son of bitch)
  2. Just goes to show how far a lot of these prices have come down. I've got 4,000 dollars in to my computer, but it isn't even half the speed of what you're getting ready to buy- I've had it about 5 years now- was the fastest of it's kind way back when. As long as you're good putting these together, you've got yourself a pretty good deal for 1000 bucks. Later
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    Well with that case you are stuck with the stock power supply which if it keeps it in your budget range is ok but I would prefer to pick my power supply so I could make sure and get a solid stable power supply. Of course I am assuming it has a generic power supply in the case.
  4. Don't worry about that- you are not "stuck" with the power supply in this case- if you decide to upgrade, you're not looking at a lot of money, and you most definitely can switch out the ps on that case.
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    I go for QUIET in my computers. My cases are Antec Sonata or Antec P180 - very quiet cases with 120mm slow running fans and grommet-mounted hard drives. The PSU can also a big noise maker - and I've been happy with Antec in that department too. Their TruePower PSUs make for nice quiet machines.

    I'd also get a graphics card with a silent cooler.

    I'm in the process of building up a new DAW myself. I'm going to reuse my Sonata case - the rest is as follows (also a fan of Newegg)

    Graphics Card

    (not yet purchased)

    CPU - e6600
    (not yet purchased)


    (not yet purchased)

    I haven't decided on the exact hard drives yet. I just finished a build on my "Daily Driver" - the computer I'm writing this message on - it's got a WD Caviar SATA 320GB disk that's frickin' silent. I might get more of those.

    My Daily Driver is in a new P180 case - VERY NICE CASE if you can deal with the size. 4 5-1/4" drive bays was part of the appeal - I have 3 Plex Premium drives and a Plex DVD drive for running dupes. Lots of internal drive bays is also nice. Since I haul my DAW for location work sometimes the P180 is too big for that one. This one has a PentiumD 805 chip - 2.66 GHz dual core currently running at 3. I think I'll be able to boost the speed more once I can disable the onboard graphics.

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