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  1. Ok so I've got about 300-350 to spend on a mic. I have a bit of a picky ear, but I don't have the budget to spend thousands on a single mic. I would like to eventually get two mics for a more stereo sound but for now I need one good solid mic for recording on my 002 (did mostly MIDI before this).

    I will be recording vocals, acoustic guitars, violins, cello, anything else i feel like so i need it to be somewhat versatile. Here is what I've found so far.

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    Any additions to this list are more than welcome. This is just what i've found from my trips to the guitar center/online research.

    I've always believed that you should save your money, be patient, and get the better product. For now however, I feel that practice in recording and mixing is way more important than waiting another six months and buying a more expensive mic. So can you help me out? The research is driving me mad and it seems as though everyone keeps recommending a different mic.

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    Try an AT4033a. You should be able to get one for $350 - $400.
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    FWIW I recently tried out a MXL V6 against the MXL 2001 that I've had for six years. The V6 sounds exactly like the 2001 with the gain turned up.

    IE: Back to back the V6 seems to be a much more rich sound, but if I turn up the gain on the 2001 it sounds exactly the same.

    This is through a Mackie 1220 with Onyx pre's.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Dec 31, 2003
    I vote for an Audio Technica AT3035 and a pair of AT2020's, should be able to do these 3 mics for $375 if you shop around. I own an AKG C3000 and almost never use it, it's very hyped in the upper mids, a bit too bright for me. I own the 3035 (a pair actually) and it has become my favorite mic, I use it on so many different things. I own a pair of the 2020's also, and they are pancake flat response from 80-20k. I found them from an ebay store for $82 each. I've read on various forums that for a Chinese built budget condenser mic, the construction and finish is better than most.
  5. through ebay, i can get two 3035 mics for my budget. Would this provide me w/ enough to do some quality vocals as well as some stereo recording for guitars/djembe/violins/cellos etc?

    I have been saving to get a mic for a while and if i screw up this purchase i won't be able to buy another mic for a few months.
  6. jonyoung

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    Dec 31, 2003
    I'd think so. I use them on vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, electric guitar cabinets, tenor/alto/baritone sax, cello, room mic........hasn't let me down yet. Go here to listen to different applications:

    On the songs by Jen Woodhouse, lead vocals and electric guitars were done with 3035's. On the song "My Name" by La Petite Jacqueline, piano was with 3035's (no EQ BTW). On "When Rome Was Set To Ruin" by Jace K Seavers, lead vocal was 3035. Obviously no mic is perfect for every voice or instrument, but this one lets me down the least of any of the 20 odd mics I own.
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    For the Price Rode NT5's are not a bad deal for under 350 dollars for a stereo pair.

    I have used them on Acoustics, Pianos, Violin, drum overheads. I don't think vocals would be a good choice for them But you can use them on a few instruments and doing X/Y on acoustic, I have had some really good results.

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