My recorder has STEREO/AUX out, and MONITOR out... help!



sorry, i'm fairly new to all this....

i use headphones while i'm doing all my tracking, and i can get everything to sound good to my ear through them

however, i don't have monitor speakers.... i just have my big stereo system that i usually hook up L/R rca speaker cables to, just to check that my mix will sound fairly decent on CD...

i noticed that when i plugged into the STEREO/AUX out, that the sound coming out was nice and loud, full, and what i hope will be burned onto CD

but when i plug the cables into monitor out, it is quiet, soft, and sounds terrible....

could someone explain to me why this is? and also if what i'm hearing through my stereo speakers is likely to be what the CD sounds like?

cheers for any help


It's likely the difference of dB between the Stereo/Aux and the Monitor out. But about what kind of product we're talking? What kind of brand and/or type...