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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by mrocco182, Feb 18, 2005.

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  1. mrocco182

    mrocco182 Guest

    I have pretty ghetto equipment but it gets me by with what i need to record. I am only 16 so my money is limited but at the moment. I have:

    1) Behringer Eurorack UB2442FX-PRO
    2) Shure SM58's
    3) Shure Drum Mics
    4) Adobe Audition//Acid Pro

    Like I said.. Pretty ghetto but im pleased with my setup. It's good for all i have for money.
  2. Randyman...

    Randyman... Well-Known Member

    Jun 1, 2003
    Houston, TX
    It's a start! Keep at it, and keep an open mind to techniques and suggestions - and you will grow as your equipment list grows. Read, research, and try anything that sparks your interest. Make notes of what works, and what doesn't. Good luck! :)

  3. KTek

    KTek Guest

    for 16, you're off to an awesome start. are you recording a rock band? list the #/types of instruments used in detail and we can help you plan around those. also maybe list some well known bands with the sound you like to shoot for. you won't get it right off the bat, but at least we can help get you going in the right direction... oh yeah, SAVE EVERY PENNY YOU CAN!!! i worked at a bagel store for 4 years, and managed to afford enough gear to get started, i'm 21 now, and am pretty close to having everything i need to do what i planned when i was 16:wink: good to see other young bucks actually working at their dreams :cool:
  4. mrocco182

    mrocco182 Guest

    Well because we all have jobs we have a pretty decent setup for instruments.

    Lead Guitar = Gibson Les Paul Faded///Amp = B52 Head, Crate 4 x 12 cab.

    Rhythm Guitar = Gibson SG///Amp = Mesa Boogie Head (not sure which model) with a Marshall 4 x 12 cab.

    Bass = Fender American Jazz Bass///Amp = Ampeg v - 48 (really really old but has new tubes and wiring), With a Hartke vx series.

    Drums = Pearl Export anniversary series, but because im the drummer ive pretty much got my setup figured out.

    And i'm looking for a new audio card because it only has an 1/8 input so I have to convert or use RCA cables. At the moment im converting. Umm at the moment im using adobe audition, but the thing i dont like about it is that it starts to lag after about 7 tracks, and even if I mix them down to one it still lags. So I just use acid pro because I know it inside and out. Umm we have 2 vocal mics.. 1 shure sm 58, and an Audix OM 2. I have a 4 piece drum mic set(1 kick 3 tom/snare). Standard XLR cables and one quarter inch to XLR cable.

    So pretty my questions for you guys are. Which mic should I use to mic the cabs. For the bass cab should I use my bass drum mic? I heard that it works well, i'm not sure. Or should he just go direct into my audio board. Or any other scenarios. How should I mic the guitar cabs, and how should the lead and Rhythm guitar setting be EQed.

    Our band plays harder rock. We tend to sound like...if you know any of these bands...maybe, maybe not. Senses Fail, Silverstein, Taking Back Sunday, AFI, Brand New and people tell us we have a sound of Papa Roach.

    The guitarist's like to sound like the typical harder guitar but the lead guitarist likes his high trebly sound.

    The bassist wants to get a sound like Mark Hoppus of blink182 or Hunter of AFI.

    I (i am the engineer in the band that records everything) have a hard time EQing the mic for when we wanna scream. When the guys of Silverstein and Senses Fail scream you can understand what they are saying most of the time, but when we do it, it just sounds like a growl. And we arn't just growling we can scream I just can find the right settings.

    haha I work at a bagel store, I just started last week. Im saving for a new ride cymbal, so we can start recording our EP in 2 weeks. :D:D
  5. KTek

    KTek Guest

    might it be bruegger's?? :lol:

    i'd probably reccomend getting a new computer that's beefed up for recording (MAC G-5) 8) lots of ram, an external harddrive (at least 8mg cache or it won't work), and a better interface,,,, just take it one step at a time man,,, if you get along good with your bandmates and yall don't play around and get $*^t done,, focus on getting "tight" and engineering your SONGS,, stage presents,,, instruments sounding good from the get go.. you will come off saving if you just go to a studio and get your album done by a pro,, but i understand how you want to do it on your own as well. but try not to become one of these bands (like mine) that rarely plays out, and doesn't get any songs finished because they're waiting for that next piece of gear.,, and the next..... and the next..... before you know it,,, somebody moves,, gets a girlfriend pregnant,,,, gets bored,,, etc..,.. the most important thing is being able TO PERFORM ANYTIME ANYWHERE. make demos with what you got,,, get some gigs. then you spend all that money you would have spent on gear on getting a demo done at a nice ass studio, faster and cheaper,,, then you have something to market much quicker... sorry to preach,, i've just been through some BS and thought i'd pass on the ole, "if i could go back and do it differently" :wink:
  6. mrocco182

    mrocco182 Guest

    haha not brueggers but i was looking there. Yeah I appreciate all of your advice. I have a pretty beefy comp.

    3.0 GHZ
    768 MB DDR 3200
    80 GB HD (need an external)
    (needs a new audio card)

    But yeah I build them so I got a pretty decent one. Im a gamer. Got to have a good one.

    Thanks again.
  7. fubar1217

    fubar1217 Guest

    That's really impressive dude. When I was 16, I didn't even think of trying to record my own stuff (aside from putting a boombox in the same room with me as I played!). Then again, when I was 16, we didn't have all the equipment that's readily available these days and the only place to record a band was at a real studio!

    As one of the guys said above, definitely work on getting tight with the band....that's what people notice the most and that's what makes a band a good band.

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