My solo guitar is not well integrated to the mix.

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by luxeomni, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. luxeomni

    luxeomni Guest

    Hi, in this particular song, there is a guitar solo on that last chorus, and i ve tried anything but i can't fit it well in the mix, any tips about mixing solos ? :) ( the solo is at the center, and rythm guitars panned right and left )

  2. The most popular thing to do is to double it.

    I like to add a little delay (less than 50ms) on guitar solos to thicken them up. Also, a *little* reverb never hurt anything. Another thing you can do is ride the faders a little bit for the solo (not the best idea, but it does work).
  3. KyroJoe

    KyroJoe Guest

    Have you made frequency room for it with EQ?

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  4. JBsound

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    EQ it...midrage or high-midrange makes it sound more "present." Maybe cut that a little bit.

    I usually will add a little delay/reverb to help move it back a little bit. When adding delay, play around with the low-pass filter. You can add more delay but make the delay less noticeable by cutting back on the high's.

    I recently got a great result by adding Wave's SuperTap 6 to a lead guitar track done on a Splawn 100W head (custom modded marshall jcm800) through a Marshall cab. The solo was great dry, but needed to "fit" into the mix a little more. I optimized the compression settings, removing a tad bid of the attack of the guitar.

    The guitar player was instrumental in getting the right tone...he really knew what he was looking for. We managed (with mainly the delay and a very minimal amount of verb) to thicken the solo, while at the same time really making it sit in the mix much better.
  5. Kswiss

    Kswiss Guest

    if my solos don't sit well, i like to use a medium room ambience, so that you hear room and not length of verb. So rather than drowning it, you can turn the reverb send like 90 percent off with minimal change in perspective, but it beefs it up a bit. Also like someone else said rolling off a little presence, or even just turn the track down..... Sometimes with solo instruments i end up mixing them very loud because thats the main focus, but sometimes it sounds better when theres a sonic hole carved for them and they just sit in it. If its the only thing going on people will naturally listen for it anyway so having it sit lower in the mix might go a long way into making it jive with the rest of the track...

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