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    Last week was the NAB convention in Las Vegas. The big news was console maker Neve cancelled and did not attend the show. Otherwise there were few surprises for those interested in recording as most of the attention goes to visual side of the business. Apple did show a new bundle of HD capable software called Final Cut Studio that includes an audio editing application called Soundtrack Pro. From the apple www:

    "Sample-accurate and nondestructive editing in a mouth-watering interface make Soundtrack Pro the must-have tool for pro audio engineers and sound designers alike. Enjoy more than 50 effects from Logic Pro and over 5,000 Apple Loops, all for just $299."

    Apple's leading the race to commoditize high end software :wink:

    The Benchmark folks did not attend either, so I did not see/hear the ADC-1. I just spoke to them on the phone. Roy said they have a prototype and are presently programming the FPU. There's no shipping date, however he said they are shooting for June.

    Funny, software is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks A-D converter :?
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    Final Cut pro also finally has some capabilities for multitrack audio... I believe that was new as of NAB.

    That is exactly what has delayed the new Lynx unit. The hardware is ready to go as far as I know, but they refuse to let it out without the software end of it working 100%. I think it is good that gear manufacturers are finally being so careful about such stuff. I'm sure they will be great products when they come out. I'm done holding my breath, though, for Benchmark to come out with their box.

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