Name this piece of equipment


This is less of a game than it sounds. I want to get a digital stand alone recorder that 1) has four simultaneous inputs 2) has 1 optical out so I can dump to Cool edit and 3) is really really really cheap. Any ideas?


Dec 16, 2002
I have a Fostex D-160. It wasn't cheap when I bought it, but I understand prices have come down quite a bit. You can record 8 channels at a time, for a total of 16. (with the onboard 8 A/D converters) There are two digital lightpipe I/O (1-8 and 9-16) to dump stuff into pro tools. I thought I heard they could be had for under a grand now.


Jan 10, 2003
Korg D12. It was just replaced by the D1200, so the D12 is being sold at a good price. I have one. It's been great for remote stuff. You can download the manuals and system upgrades from korg. It has four inputs, analog and digital outs. It's 12 channels, at 16 bit, but can also run 24 bit at 6 channels. I like it. I got mine at Sam Ash, but you can probably get one at GC or MF also. Mine was just over $600.00 for a floor demo unit, but I've seen them for less now for completely new units.


If you already have a suitable mixer, then I'd agree with the D160.

I have mine set up with the Fostex VC-8 AD/DA converter for a total 16 tracks similtaneous if needed.