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    Hello all! I plan to start my music production company but I don't have a name and I need some ideas. Also, do I need to copyright or trademark my music production name? I'll be running it from my home and hopefully build it up into a commercial building. Any advice is very apprecaited. Thank you all!
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    the law ---------as i understand it

    you canNOT copyright a name

    you can trademark a name that has been used in interstate commerce
    go to the PTO website and read all about it

    start now by googling for a name and make sure nobody is using it
    if so start using it asap with a TM mark
    as soon as you can sell something interstate
    spend the money and REGISTER the name then use the circle R symbol

    you will need to register the name with your local/state govt agencies
    and do other things they require to run a biz - which may not be legal in a home (or not) depending where you are

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