Near Field Monitors For Dance Music

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by djg5000, Nov 21, 2008.

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    Hello, new here and been finding lots of great info but I have something a bit specific. I make electronic music as well as urban beats with the goal to hit hard on the club dancefloors. Currently I hate using my M-Audio BX8a's (which I bought on a whim) in an naturally ok sounding small room (carpets, drop ceiling, tons of curtains). Please help me decide on the monitoring setup.... Here are some of my choices: Adam A7 with a sub or beefier JBL LSR 4328P, Dynaudio BM15 w an amp. I live in Hong Kong and it's hard to preview gear here, harder to order and forget returning it... Sucks but I have to rely on the opinions ad reviews mostly :? Thanx, DjG
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    I took the opportunity about 6 months ago to sit in at a large recording equipment store and preview every model they had. I compose bass heavy music and out of all the brands there, i.e krk, jbl, adam,dynaudio,genelec,sky, mackie and others, I felt that the JBL's and DYNAUDIO'S sounded the best. I believe the industry veterans favor the Genelecs or Dynaudios.
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    Do you have any monitors at all? If you do, mix between those and a good pair of phones.

    If your doing dance music you probably focusing more on singles rather than a whole albums worth of music right? Take your best 3 tracks and just get them mastered well. The mastering studio should make it hit.
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    For dance....hum let me think...

    Just kidding
    KRK are nice VXT8 I tried, I liked them. Nice for the price point.

    I am not an ADAM fan, but they do sound good at first... then after a while they get to me, too bright I guess.

    I mixed on Genelec's 1029's quite a bit, I enjoyed those too.

    I own Dynaudio BM15's and am very happy with them. Mine are amplified.

    What is your budget?
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    I will make the suggestion that you keep your present monitors and add a better set (ADAMs, Dyns, or JBL) with a subwoofer. You will obviously need a monitor control unit to toggle between the two pairs, but dance music needs both a sub and a "regular" set of monitors for comparison.

    Probably about $2k for one of the monitors above with sub.

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