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    It was decided that there was to be a women's convention composed solely of southern belles and northern debutants. The event was arranged and came to be. That night, several women from both social entities arrived in as much splendor as one would imagine. Lovely dresses and expensive jewelry were the flavors of the evening. As each arrival entered the Grand Ballroom, they quickly found and separated into their respective clicks. Mingling amongst their selves, one of the southern belles decided to have the courage to introduce herself to the other group and commenced to do so. Upon reaching her destination, she politely curtsied, opened her mouth and said, "Hi, where y'all from"? Seemingly stunned by the fact that someone would have the audacity to waltz up and say hello, the group stood speechless. Then, one of the debs who appeared to be the most sophisticated of the bunch replied, "Well, where we're from, we don't end sentences in prepositions". Floored by this response the southern belle took only a moment to compose herself and apologized, "Oh, I'm sorry. Where y'all from, BITCH". :D

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