Need advice and gear for building Progect Studio for 9K plz

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by OrizonCOmes, May 1, 2006.

  1. OrizonCOmes

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    Hey Everybody. So, I know these types of questions come up quite a bit but I was hoping some of you can point me in the right direction for building a project Studio for somewhere in the area of 9k. I know there has to be a beginners tutorial for home project studios somewhere that breaks down and elaborates on the necessities to getting started (interface, mixer, controller, DAW etc…)---but I cant seem to find any good ones.
    As of right now, I have a Korg Trition PRO and a few good studio monitors. Even though I already got a MIDI controller with the Triton, I am really looking for another keyboard with weighted keys and an extra octave alongside it’s patches/features rather than just getting the rack. Im kinda split between the new Rolands, Yamaha or just the classic Kurzweil but I can wait on that for now if it really imposes on the budget.

    I really want my studio to revolve around the computer system since it seems there usually the first to get hit with the technical glitch.
    I was thinking LOGIC running of a >2ghz G5 with a cinmena display will keep me in business for a while.

    This is what Im totally stumped on.
    The Mixer and Interface?!---For somebody who is doing quite a bit of MIDI alongside micing the occasional vocals, what do you recommend for a Mixer? And waats the deal with this interface?
    The only other things I have to set aside some money for with this first installment is a Good vocal MIC (that will deliver a good sound from an uprigt piano too), a couple libraries, the AD converters of course and a decent beatbox.

    Keep in mind this studio will grow as time goes on so I want it to be expandable but for now I just want to start getting some stuff on paper. Thanks for the help everybody.
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    maybe skip the mixer and just choose your interface carefully? what do you want to record? how many channels at a time?
    more info plz

  3. OrizonCOmes

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    The only acoustics that I will be micing is vocals and my upright piano----everything else will be layered patches or samples. Im kind of a newb with this stuff but I guess I will only need to be recording 1 maybe 2 channels at a time since I am a 1 man show.--- :?

    I really dont like mixing with a mouse and its nice having all my signal coming to a main control.
  4. twon

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    these will be in your interface.

    from what you have said, you will be using the mixer for preamps and monitoring anyway, you would mix in the box. i think what you want is a mixer with control surface? for example digi002 (but you mentioned logic) or maudio projectmix i/o. this would be your preamps (for the start anyway) and converters and have faders that control what you record into.

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    If you are going with Logic Pro then consider the Apogee Ensamble

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