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  1. I'm currently making my first recording set up. As of right now, I only intend on recording vocals (rap, some singing). I've been looking at an AKG Perception 200 (large diaphram condenser) because I've heard it's the best one in my price range. However, I've also heard things about power supplies, pre-amps, etc... I'm not to clear on what I actually need aside from the mic, so any info or links that will help me would be appreciated. thanks,

    -G. Lee
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    Nov 13, 2001
    I don't think the AKG 2000 requires a power supply and any Mi-pre with phantom will get it working

    your interface may have a mic input and if so
    you probably don't need anything else

    however it is likely that a quality Mic-pre will be an advantage
    later a Compressor and Perhaps an EQ could have their advantages

    the Mic has the Bass cut filter. -10dB and pre-attenuation pad ... which is good and can help the Mic-pre and your close-up recordings

    Take your time to learn about Mic-pres and compressors and expect to pay a lot of money for something high quality
    Some Mic-pres like the ISA430 have the works all built into one unit and this is why the became popular as a Producers Tool.

    I think any of the top flight Mic-pres will satisfy and followed by a compressor that suits your voice will be a combination that serves you ... basically ... for ever

    Great River (or the more expensive Neve and Neve clones)
    API ... styled (DOA)
    Tubed Mic-pre form Manley or Avalon

    but get to know all the Boutique units before you buy and take your time and try them

    1176 (FET)
    LA2 (opto - tubed)
    ... or any of the op-amp based opto comps
    DBX (VCA)

    again get to know them and try them first

    I like simplicity and less options with better quality ... rotary gain switches for example
    this allows for repeatability
    you can concentrate on your vocal and performance rather than worry about tweaking and twiddling knobs

    you will get to know the gear very quickly and be able to set for a given vocal style that is exactly the same as yesterday or last week
  3. Yea, I agree with you when it comes to fewer options and better quality. I'll definitelly look into everything you said because I want to have the absolute best I can have. Thanks.
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