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    ok im looking into starting a 'home recording studio -type thing'
    i have lots of questions but basic info
    i have 2 guitars a bass, 2 guitar amps a bass amp a drum kit and 1 mic to record drums and one mic to record vocals
    i have a reletivly good sized room where all the instuments are and a computer is to record them. the room is full of concrete but does have a fernce(extra noise). its completly enclosed...

    the computer is a pc petuim 111 800 ghz 512 ram windows xp its a dell dmension...

    i have adobe audition for recording my stuff... in the back of the computer theres a line in(i use to record guitars and bass) and a mic input(i use to record drums and vocals)

    the i deal budget for all the stuff i need is 350 for hardware but anything more expenisive is ok too

    k for my questions adobe audition allright recording software or do you recommend something else?if so what do you recommend?

    2.if i want to record drums,vocals,guitar, and bass at the same time togther what would i have to do?(sortive playing the song togther just like a practise but recording at the same time)

    3.if i wanted to get more inputs to plug more things into the computer how would i get that? like if i wanted 4 line in's and 2 mic inputs what would i need? how would i get it be compatible with the software i have?

    4 What do mixers do?

    5.for drums is one over head mic fine for ameture basic recording ?
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    You're just starting out so that should be fine. With your budget, your money would be better spent on other things. If you do want to upgrade your software, look at Cakewalk or Cubase products. They run well on PCs and are a bit more popular in the recording world.

    What you need is either a computer interface with multiple inputs or a mixer. If you have an interface with multiple inputs you can send each mic to it's own input and record them all at once. Or you can get a mixer and send all your microphones to it then send the stereo output of the mixer into your computer.

    There are all sorts of audio devices for this purpose. With your buget, check out companies like M-Audio, Tascam and Edirol. They all make USB audio interfaces for multichannel recording. Some of them come with audio recording software as well.

    A typical mixer has a number of microphone or line inputs. I guess their main purpose for existing is so that you can plug in a bunch of different stuff and mix all of them together to a stereo output. Mixers will usually have sends for adding effects and an equalizer section.
    If you only have a stereo in on your computer, you could use a mixer to mix the guitar, bass and drums together then send the stereo mix into your computer for recording.

    It will probably be ok for the first day or so. If it's all you got, then it's all you got. I would say the bare minimum would be three mics, one for kick drum, one for snare and one for overhead.

    Good luck and happy recording.

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