Need advice on transferring songs to get mastered.

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    Hi, I am playing in a band that is making a full length recording with a Fostex :? VF-160. We are complete on the mixdowns and now want to have it mastered by someone else before pressing discs. I cannot find out the best way to get the songs to the person who will master them. Do we hand that person discs made from the internal cd burner or do we take the machine up and try to go directly from the machine to his computer? I guess it all comes down to one question, is the quality of a burned disc less than a direct output into his computer? I cannot figure this out in any previous posts or in the manual. I know the machine has a 16 bit rate. Is that the same with the internal cdr drive and is that the same with the optical cable outputs? THANKS! Bruce
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    Nov 13, 2001

    make some " discs made from the internal cd burner "
    IF only for your own backup and reference

    then ask the mastering engineer what they want from you

    I would take BOTH
    then if the mastering eng feels a change in mix is required then you have the machine there to do it.

    Also a couple of tests may show that an analog transfer from your machine into their system offers a better result. . ... or not

    you have chosen the mastering engineer
    let them advise you
    and let them do their job
    sit back and learn

    you may try to do your own mastering next time
    you might even learn why you paid for it the first time.

    As with all parts of the recording process there is skills and knowledge and budget.
    it can be a balancing act.

    never be frightened to ask
  3. Bruce602

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