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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by brad3e, Nov 17, 2004.

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    Hi, I am new to recording and need some direction, so here are some questions for the experts out there. I am using Cubase to mix and Wavelab to master:

    1. IN mixing, How much headroom should I factor in when recording my separate tracks? Do I just try for the closest level to 0 db without clipping or do I factor some decibals like -5db or -10db.

    2. In mixing, When should I use Compression and EQ plugins in the mix, what factors would come in to play to apply the plugs?

    3. In mixing, Should I use a Limiting Plug in in the Master Bus in the mix and also record the separate tracks with this on or off?

    4. In mastering, do I use compression again on the stereo file or is this overkill? How do I know if I should use it or not?

    Any help, greatly appreciated, thanks.

  2. inLoco

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    Jul 25, 2004
    1. try recording the signal as high as you can! it's better to have to lower a sound that rise it (distorting it)

    2. don't really understand the question cause when you're mixing you have to do what you've got to do!
    you compress and eq it and use the faders, and so on... so when you mix you already have the tracks recorded...

    3. you do what you got to do! do what your ears tell you! but i wouldn't...

    4. when it comes to mastering i always say "leave it to the guys who do that for a living! mastering is very important... if you compress a stereo file may just be with a small ratio just for leveling it a bit, altought i don't like it cause i think the beauty in recorded music is to feel the dynamics and moods from the musicians! compression when wrongly used usually produces bad results! and if you want a master house to do the mastering never do that! for me that's rule nº2 after the fade ins and outs...

    hope this helps...
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    thanks for your help, It makes sense about the doing what I have to do and what my ears tell me. So, you don't use Limiting in your mixes? I thought this would eliminate me from clipping when adding effects and changing levels etc. but if will alter my music for the worse when preparing for mastering, I will erase that from my brain. Thanks,
  4. inLoco

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    Jul 25, 2004
    this is just me - i'm no hot shot, just my two cents on the subject... - i don't like very much limiting! if with effects (i random use...) it clips i'll eq and use the faders and so on... cause i like to feel the dynamics and the performance! it's like a drum machine! i prefer real drummers cause with the mood of the song they can use the snare or other thing before or after the click! so limiting it's the same for me...
    but just my thought... i let all the limitings and stuff to the mastering stage...
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    16bit or 24 bit

    What is your opinion on recording 16/44 or 24/48 recording, do you find a big difference or is this just a waste to record higher bit rate as it takes more computer power etc? Do you feel it's necessary for computer recording for higher bit rates even though CD's are only 16 bit?
  6. Re: 16bit or 24 bit

    Yes. Without a doubt. Go 24 bit and don't look back.

    As a rule of thumb though - if YOU can't hear the difference YOURSELF at the stage you're currently in it probably won't make a difference to your end result.

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