Need drums to go with my guitar tracks

Discussion in 'Drums' started by outtram, May 29, 2002.

  1. outtram

    outtram Guest

    Hi l'm a guitarist who is recording stuff on his computer through pro tools free and l need some drums to go with it.

    l have some really cool drum loops which came with guitar tracks in a program called drag and drop drummer. These loops are quantitised and l simply loop them over and they are really good quality.

    However these loops are fixed 100,105,110 BPM and l want to do stuff a bit slower and changed them around abit.

    So thus my delima is how do l get decent sounding drums?

    l have used fruity loops, rebirth, Drumstation, biodrummer and a few others and always get very crappy results way to mechanical and straight, they sound like a machine surprise surprise. so basically wanting to know if it is posible to get real sounding drums through any program at all.

    really apprecaite any help on this cause l'm feeling very limited.
  2. doggyman

    doggyman Guest

    Are you looking for a service?
    What type of music?
    I can work with your Protools sessions and provide anything from stereo rough mix quality to bounced off 2" through vintage gear all tracks seperate and processed. Many drummers/levels avail. Want Mike Gage? Ask Fletcher? We can make it happen.

    Have it your way.

    Let me know?


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