Need hard criticism and help with punk rock mixing

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by maladolescenza, Dec 5, 2015.

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    Dec 5, 2015
    I'm not new to mixing but I never spent much time on the basics, meaning, I learned how to use PT during an universitary course but they didn't give us much more, that's all. I never had time to really focus on recording and mixing being myself principally a performer, but I need to make my own stuff.

    I'm making a punk rock demo and my setup will sound like blasphemy.
    Basically I have only a Shure SM57, I'm recording bass and drums on one track, vocal through a megaphone on another and two tracks for guitar through a Marshall.

    I know I'm practically recording pure $*^t but I don't want much more, think something like early Negative Approach, Deep Wound, GG Allin and generally the 80's hardcore scene and english anarcho punk.

    Talking 'bout the mix, I'm compressing everything working with PT built-in compressors, since I know nothing I work with presets, I take the bass&drums track and duplicate it and give delay, panning it 100r and 100l to simulate stereo. Guitars are the same track (meaning in composition) played twice and panned 100r and 100l.
    Vocals a little on the right. Everything is compressed through PT's Maxim compressor presetted on Pop Radio.

    I know that it's really cheap mixing, but I really don't care very much; the fact is that I'm working on "taste" meaning what I like I do, but basically I'm doing random things and when it could be ok I just take it 'cause I don't know any better, or maybe 'cause I don't know what to do.

    The point is, I know I could focus myself and study some more but the fact is that I wanna know if I made some major mistakes, meaning things that couldn't be justified as "personal taste".

    I'm looking for hard criticism and many many suggestions, the only thing is know that this thing is shitty partially on purpose (look at the bands quoted, it has to be in some way lo-fi-esque) but I don't want to fall on some error that makes it "objectively" unlistenable.

    Here's one track

    sorry for my english,
    thanks for your time,

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