Need help and advice on building my first Home Studio

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by purgatoryninja, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. I am recently attempting to building my bedroom studio to record mainly vocal and acoustic guitar. The path of bedroom studio seems hard to me at this moment, but I believe it will go smoothly the more I learn :)
    Back to the topic, in order to start the bedroom studio, I have already bought 2 equipments which is:
    AI: M-Audio ProFire 610
    Mic: Rode NT1-A
    and I am using MacBook Pro as the working platform, then I plan to use Logic Pro as DAW.
    And I know there are more equipments that I need to buy as following:
    Monitor Speaker (Too expensive, so I would probably leave that later)
    Closed back Headphoned (Any suggestion? AKG? Sennheiser? I hope for below $90)
    Midi Controller (Any suggestion?)
    Mixer (I guess I won't need to have one at this moment)
    Is there anything I have missed ???
    Anyone can provide me suggestion and comment :) Thank you very much!
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    Wow! I guess for your bedroom studio you have spent so much on Logic Pro that you don't have a lot of cash left for equipment, let alone a bed.

    Are you aiming to put down the guitar track first and then dub your vocals over the top? If so, you will certainly need the closed-back headphones for monitoring during the tracking. You don't need a mixer - Logic Pro covers that function.

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