Need help big time with internal hard drive!!!

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  1. Ok, I just got a Pro Tools Digi 002 and I'm trying to hook up a 2nd internal hard drive for it (Hitachi 120 gig) on my Power Mac dual G4 desktop. I screwed it into the bay above my main hard drive, connected the two cables (the attachments that were on the cables already hooking up the main drive) and closed it up. But when I tried to boot, all I got was a screen with a folder icon that blinked with a question mark. Anybody have any clue what I could be doing wrong? By the way, this part of the directions in the manual had me a little baffled...

    >>1. Configure your Ultra ATA drive as the secondary drive (sometimes called the "slave drive" or "drive 1").

    >>The drive that came with your Macintosh is designated the primary drive (sometimes called the "master drive" or "drive 0"). Your Macintosh doesn't work with Ultra ATA devices set for cable select mode.

    So how do I configure my new drive as the the slave? Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong because I just basically screwed it in and plugged in the cables.

    Someone also told me to make sure I initialize the new drive HFS+... what does that mean?

    Any help would be appreciated big time cuz I'm really excited to get my 002 hooked up, thanks!
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    this is an easy question (sorry), on the hd itself is a little either switch or something of that sort, options master, slave, and there are a few more possible ones, but that is un-necessary for now, take the hd out, and locate this switch, and chose slave on your new hd. Then put it back in and everything should go smooth. Another problem you may face is configuring the hd, see i don't know what os you are running and therefore i don't know if it autodetects 120 gb hd, so you may have to go into the BIOS, but thas another story, just set it to slave and you should be good. :cool:
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    I'm no Mac guy - but like mentioned - just move the "Jumper" to the drives "Slave" position. You will then need to format the drive to be able to read/write data to/from it. This is usually done inside the OS after boot-up - but - I'm a PC guru - overclocking and all :) ... Macs may be totally different on the formatting?

    Later :cool:

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