Need help creating theme songs and recording from keyboard

Discussion in 'Synths / Samplers & VSTi' started by calimer, Sep 15, 2004.

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  1. calimer

    calimer Guest

    Basically I'm interested in creating good quality theme songs for my doom 3 mod, much like the songs "They Crave" and "Corruptor" as seen at and I was wondering if I could get some advice as to how to do so, such as software recommendations, any special techniques, etc. I did recently buy the piano seen here

    but I am having trouble using in it with editing software although all I have tried so far is audacity. It comes with a USB cable that is supposed to make it "play as a midi keyboard" but I'm not sure if that is even something I'd want since midis are quite low quality from the ones I've heard. Also I know that there are cables where you can connect the headphone jack with the microphone jack of the soundcard, but would that be something I'd really want to do and why does it seem like other people don't do that? I'm interested to know how other people hook their instruments into their software and what software is used when doing so? Any other advice would be extremely appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.

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