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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by ghostlf, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. ghostlf

    ghostlf Guest

    Please help me...I've bought this card after reading a lot about pci based cards and something isn't right. It just doesn't record well. My old card was a Audigy Platinum EX 2....I am using the same mic, the same cables, and I've tested them all at a friends house to see if they still work fine and they do. I'm not so sure the card is bad but maybe it's not configured well, or maybe I need a new component (IE preamp)...but the thing has built in preamps, and my mic has phanton power also. I'd like to exchange this thing but I don't think they'll let me cause it's been over 30 days now. Basically while recording, it sounds like it's clipping all the time and it's not. The volume of the voice being recorded is shaky and dB levels seems to vary a lot for no apparent reason....

    Please help with any knowledge you have.

  2. Undergarage

    Undergarage Guest

    You might try and go to http:// and download the latest driver for the card. I have had similar problems with other sound cards and that has always been the solution.
  3. ghostlf

    ghostlf Guest

    yea i just got the card like a month ago so im assuming it had the newest drivers
  4. Undergarage

    Undergarage Guest

    It looks like the newest drivers were put up 10-27-04 for PC and 9-07-04 for Mac for that sound card. So depending on when the store got the card you may not have the latest version and it might have problems with Service pac 2 if you are using PC and have that installed. It's worth a try, at least you would know you have the latest driver.
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