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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by longgone1, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. longgone1

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    I have a session coming up and it is the biggest one I've had so far. My big problem is that I am using only the 4 buses off my mixer into my computer but the band Im recording wants to do everything live, without overdubs. this would be fine if it was a smaller band but I need to mic drums (4 mics) a keyboard, guitar, bass, and vocals. I was wondering how i should go about it. I was hoping to have one track only for vocals and then split up the other 3 with the other tuff. I was thinkin maybe a the drums and bass to bus 1-2 and keyboard and guitar to bus 3 and vocal to bus 4. also, I might be able to get a stereo compressors. what would it be best used on. the session is this friday so any input would be great
  2. tmix

    tmix Guest

    How many inputs do you have to your computer's sound card, and what type of mixer do you have?

    I have successfully recorded bands with my Delta 1010 (8 in/out) and a Mackie 4 bus. I use direct outs on vocal,keys,bass etc and use the buses only for the drum mix.
    Let us know more about your setup.
  3. Axeman32

    Axeman32 Guest

    Can your rent or barrow 1) a larger board or 2) a mic mixer to consolidate the drums and possibly bass into your existing setup.
  4. longgone1

    longgone1 Guest

    The biggest problem is I only have 4 inputs with my computers sound card. My mixer is a studiomaster series 4. It has sixteen channels with 4 buses. My board is old and does not have direct outs on it.

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